Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

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Site tools and how to create an order: Here.

What's in a Digital Kit and how to create one: Here

How to find the color of cells with no number in them, using the Color ID tool: Here

Where do you ship?:

We ship anywhere, however international orders will take longer to arrive and shipping may cost more.

How much is it and what comes in a kit?

$54.95 - $194.95 + S&H depending on the size you choose. All kits include up to 24 custom paints, brushes (1-4 depending on kit size), an outline printed on real canvas or fine art paper (depending on your choice) and a (huge) 24"x32" reference sheet printed on plain paper.

We offer 4 image sizes today in either cavnas or fine art paper: small at 6x8 inches, medium 12x16 inches,  large at 21x28 inches or an extra large at 30x40 inches.  Addtionally there is a boarder to allow for stretching and/or mounting. 

Can I see a free sample first?

Yes. You will be able to see a digital version and customize your kit before placing your final order.

The closer the better! As the subject gets farther away detail is lost.

Yes!  Be sure to try various number of colors to get the look you desire.  We also offer a gray scale palette in the customize tool.

We started with a palette of 36 base colors then used differing amounts of water to adjust the color saturation - creating light, medium, and dark hues for most colors.  Here are the base 36 colors.  Base Water Colors

No. You may only use images you own or which are freely available.

We aim to have your kit to you in under 30 days. On average we can create and pack your custom kit within two weeks. Then it's up to the method of shipping you picked.  We do offer expedited shipping for an extra charge if you need your kit faster.

Can I track my kit?

When your kit is shipped we will email you a tracking code for USPS.

As strange as it sounds, no. Each kit has colors chosen based on the colors in the original photo. This means that color '1' for your first kit will be a totally different color than color '1' for your second kit.

When you are logged in and navigate to your project, there is a switch which you can toggle to set the project's privacy. When a project is public, it is visible in the Public Gallery. When it is private, only you can see it. does not capture or store your credit card information. This is why we ask you to re-enter it for each order. Your entry is entered directly into our credit card processing service, They respond with a unique authorization code for each transaction, which is what we see and use. For more details on the security used for your protection please see

Since each order is a custom work we do not offer refunds.  Instead we provide you with a preview and tools to edit your work before ordering.  If you do not like the results within the preview please try another image.

Is there a phone number to call?

Not at this time. We do our best to respond to issues and concerns via email at